Not all who wander are lost….

Volunteer tourism and Help stays….   Son of Africa will soon be opening its doors to Volunteer Tourism and Help Stays.  Through this program, we invite volunteer travelers to join us at Son of Africa where you will work among the boys, in the project and, sometimes, in the local community.  Volunteering provides tourists with Read More

Son Of Africa & Ebola

The current Ebola situation in West Africa has caused much turmoil, mainly in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea, although many of the neighbouring countries have also been affected. As of September 14th, There have been more than 2600 deaths caused by the outbreak in West Africa and many more forecast in the near future. It Read More

The Boys

I had been in Senegal for a couple of months and had seen the Talibe boys each day scouring the streets and alleyways of the busy Dakar streets.  From early morning to late into the night, they could been found along the streets, beside the shops and outside the eating establishments.  One night as I Read More

A Walk on the Beach….

Just another day… Yesterday was a pretty neat day….. It was Friday… the holy day for Muslim, and since I am not, I ventured out on my own and took a trip out of the city to the villages south of Dakar. 38 degrees, but with a nice ocean breeze. (Yes, I am looking more Read More

If I Were A Carpenter

Don’t pay the ferryman… Having spent some time now in Senegal, West Africa, and having a background in building design, I am both amazed and confused at the building construction here. The amazing part is the architecture, all done with concrete block. The buildings here are nothing short of spectacular!  Beautiful homes and complexes are Read More

The Art of Buying Land in Senegal

The long and winding road… Well, I’ve been here in Senegal, Africa for 25 days so far on this trip.  My intention was to come back to Senegal, purchase the land that I found last trip and begin construction on the Son of Africa project.  The sooner I could get this done, the sooner I Read More