Things I Have Never Said in Africa..

I’ve been sorting through my photos on my computer, yes…..22,000 of them, not all from Africa but there are many from there.  I thought I’d share a few pictures with you that made me shake my head and laugh.  Missing that place today as I sit here staring out the window at the dull dreary Read More

I’m Sailing Away…….

There was lots of excitement today on the beach in front of Son of Africa.  Not far down the beach from our home is a small African fishing Village where there are often many fishing boats anchored just off shore.  Usually they are peacefully bobbing in the gentle waves, allowing for some amazing photo opportunities. Today the Read More

Who’ll Stop the Rain?…

It’s beautiful and a sight I haven’t seen anytime I have been there. Unfortunately, the rains have also caused some pretty serious erosion in the area and flooding in the nearby streams.  It’s like that here sometimes.  Not enough rain, and then, when it does arrive, it’s too much for the landscape to handle and the hardships Read More