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Internet connection has been a challenge to say the least.  I’ve been limited to working from a restaurant in Dakar when we go in, or from the car late at night under the internet tower in the village down the road.  Last night we were waiting for the big boxing match.  4am would be the start time.  That left a bit of spare time.  I don’t know if it was the time, the day, the location of the moon, the speed of the wind, the fact that Argo wore socks with his flip flops, or just sheer luck that we got internet well from the rooftop last night.  Fingers crossed that it will be good again today.  I’ve downloaded a few pictures from around Senegal.  Hope you enjoy!
image-alin-2image-lacrose-5 image-lacrose-2 image-lacrose3 image-lacrose-4

image-talibe3a image-soa-3 image-soa-photo image-senegal-14 image-senegal-9 image-senegal-11 image-senegal-12 image-senegal-8 image-senegal-4 image-senegal-5 image-senegal-6 image-photo-1 image-senegal-1 image-senegal-2 image-lacrose-16

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  • Amazing pictures!

    • Thanks Lorraine. I know you know the country well having lived here for some years. Yes. It’s an amazing place

  • So amazing, Lori….. I can’t wait to visit you one day! Are these some goats for the program? And what is that which is heaped on that boat?

    • I can’t wait either Korie. No on the goats. I’m not quite ready yet. The one picture is a sheep being transported on the top of a bus. The other picture is my neighbours goat choosing down on some goodies we dropped off. The boat is loaded with salt that was harvested off the bottom of Lac Rose. It’s pretty neat and I have a blog being published in the next few days about Lac Rose. Thanks for the comments!

  • Beautiful pictures Lori, hope all is well with you. Take care

    • Thanks Val. All is well

  • Lori, the magnitude of what you have already accomplished blows my mind, and we are blessed to see through your eyes and your lens a small portion of the life there. Big hugs my friend, My admiration, love and prayers are there with you. Maybe one day I will be too.

    • Thanks so much Donna. Always so nice to hear those encouraging words

  • Lori, I discovered your blogs this morning and have spent many enjoyable minutes reading of your experiences and especially enjoying your beautiful photography. What a gift you have! Both with writing and with your photography but especially the gift you have that has found you doing what you are experiencing in that beautiful part of the world. I look forward to keeping in touch through your blogs. Many thanks.

    • thanks so much for your comment Sandi. It truly is an amazing place here and I feel so fortunate for the opportunity. I’ve got some more blogs and photos coming soon. Hope you enjoy

  • I love your little stories and your photos are absolutely amazing, you capture such an amazing part of the wonderful friends you have in Africa! One day I will experience Africa with you! Thank you for sharing ❤️

    • Thanks so much Angie

  • You and your pictures are AMAZING!! Living vicariously through both!!! You are an incredible woman making your dreams a reality my friend!!!

    • Thank you Cindy.

  • you make me believe follow your dreams and they will come true. You are a guide for all to follow love your page/ blog

  • Very majestic looks very beautiful. Love your articles and all the pictures you look so happy and totally in your element. ☺️ Sending love and wishing you and your very very very extended family all the best.

  • So amazing my friend! Stay true to what you want. One day I will find the courage and a strong heart to go and experience Senegal as you do.xoxo

  • Once again, beautiful amazing pictures from a beautiful amazing person. Thanks for sharing Lori. ❤️

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