Anybody want to buy a town?

So, last year while I was in Senegal, Gora and I went out searching for land.  We went to several areas around the capital of Dakar. Lac Rose, Mbour, Toubab Dialaw and a few out of the way places.  We happened to stumble upon this place, which I can’t remember the name of, on one of our drives. It was out in the middle of the desert. At first I thought it was a new construction project, as there were very few people around, but not long after we arrived, a couple of men with a horse and cart stopped and spoke with us.  They explained that the project was abandoned and most everything was for sale.
image-abandoned-6Of course I found the most beautiful and interesting building,……. which…umm… wasn’t for sale.  The design was amazing and I immediately thought what a wonderful building it would be to house the Son of Africa project. It was perfect! My imagination took over. I envisioned the classrooms, court yard, living and eating quarters.   It was perfect….but like I mentioned, not for sale.
image-abandoned-8We were led into a few of the homes to see if we might be interested in purchasing them, any…or perhaps all?  There were rows of homes, streets of homes, some completed and others in various stages of completion…and no one around. No one lived here.
There were small sitting areas, a community courtyard, a meeting room and a few spaces for retail.  Trees continued to be watered.  Desert sand blew across the paved roads making it seem like a scene out of the movies, maybe even a bit………. haunting?

Not far off in the distance, a government housing project could be seen.  It had been constructed for many of the flood victim that had lost everything in the prior year.  I seemed so strange to me that the place I was at wasn’t put to use.  I’m sure there is a reason.  I hope there is a reason.  I’m looking forward to returning to the project to see if anything has come of it.  It’s too late to worry about having Son of Africa there as land was purchased elsewhere and construction has been ongoing but I have often wondered what ever became of that place.  I’ll let you know after i visit there again.
Below is a video made by some of Senegals music artists.  They all went to help out with the flood victims when the rains came last year…..devastating..and amazing!  Hope you enjoy it!

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  • What an inspiring video. It is spiritually exhilarating, especially since I know of the circumstances. The spirit of co-operation and community support and compassion here is superlative. The artistic quality of this video is reflective of the indestructible spirit of the African people. Music…. the voice of the spirit!!!

  • I am with you there. this is one of my favorite videos from Senegal

  • So how could one find this place? How far out into the desert? How far from Toubab Dialaw? Apparently it was not flooded. Was it at higher altitude or just away from waterways? Where did you buy land and are building? What is your plan for the land? Any plans for reversing desertification?

    • Hi Beverly….I tried to find this place again the last time |I was in Senegal but wasnt sure of the road we took to get there. It is in the Lac Rose area north of Dakar about 45 minutes. It is away from the water…..yes…in the desert. Amazing place really and when I return I will look for it again. Hopefully I can give you more direction then. Are you in Toubab Dialaw?

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