Big Thanks to Fish Creek Sports Association

The other day we has some visitors to the house.  A group of boys showed up to ask for some help so they could play in a soccer match.  My brother-in-law, Don, president of Fish Creek Sport Association, gratiously made arrangements to donate soccer balls to Son of Africa for the soccer program.  A few extra balls were set aside for “emergencies”.  These balls have been given to groups of boys that we saw playing with nothing more than a rolled up paper ball tied with string or taped together.  It works, but the giving of a real soccer ball sends them cheering and jumping for joy.  Word on the street now is that we have soccer balls.  And word travels fast.  Lol

This little team was thrilled to get one of the balls for the match.  Anxiously awaiting for things to come together and start the soccer program for the boys.  Thanks so much for your support Fish Creek Sports Association!  You’ve already made so many boys happy!

image-fishcreek1-photo image-fishcreek-photo image-fishcreek2-photo


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  • aawww….. such sweet boys… wonderful photos…. and yes, thank you so much Don, and Fish Creek Sport Association!

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