The Big Chill

So today I got a message from a friend back home.  Put me in a frame of mind to get writing again about my time here in Senegal.  Her comment was that my picture of life here gave the appearance of a “chill” lifestyle which, in fact for the most part, is true, but it Read More

Not all who wander are lost….

Volunteer tourism and Help stays….   Son of Africa will soon be opening its doors to Volunteer Tourism and Help Stays.  Through this program, we invite volunteer travelers to join us at Son of Africa where you will work among the boys, in the project and, sometimes, in the local community.  Volunteering provides tourists with Read More


A couple of days ago, a turn of events had us heading in a different direction from where we had originally planned. Having done some research on different organizations and NGO’s working in Senegal, I knew of an orphanage in a nearby city that I had hoped to visit one day. Turns out that this Read More

The Climb…..

My time here in Africa is coming to an end and I have to say that this year has been a challenge, more than most years.  A hacked bank account, car problems, water issues, trying to obtain required documents, internet and power outages are just a few of the bigger problems that had me taking Read More

The Lion Sleeps Tonight….

I’ve been going through pictures from my last stay in Senegal.  During my last week there I had taken some time to walk along the beach to the nearby boys enjoying tea brewed over coals in a makeshift tin stove, women preparing and cooking meals on the beach and always, without fail, massive amounts of Read More

My Beach Boys

A couple years ago I met a small group of beach boys that frequent the sandy shores below Son of Africa.  I have an earlier post entitled “He Calls Me Baby” that tells a little story about our first few meetings.  I had a good laugh when Argo sent me these pictures and told me Read More

Is This the End Or Just One More Day?

  Feeling empty tonight…..   A couple of days ago I logged into the website of Mario Cruz, a crazy talented photographer and photojournalist from Portugal.  One of his articles, “The Truth About Child Trafficking in Senegal”, was recently featured in Newsweek and his photograph won the World Press photo contest in the Spot News Category.  Read More

I am the Egg Man……

Funny little day today.  The plan for a productive day didn’t really work out as planned.  The crack of dawn turned into the crack of 3 pm and then a late afternoon phone call completely derailed any attempt for accomplishing what was on the list today.  But like so many times here in Africa, plans Read More

It’s a Beautiful Day…..

I have a great little story to tell you about one of my shopping adventures in Senegal. My last trip to Senegal was quite a busy one as construction at Son of Africa took much longer than originally planned.  My days there turned into weeks, that turned into months, and in what seem like no time at Read More