Fast Food

Son of Africa is located outside of the city in a small African Village.  There are definitely good and not so good, or should I say not so convenient, things about living away from all the busyness  of the city.  I’m finding out that planning is crucial, especially for one that has not yet become accustomed to all the food choices available.  On a good note, found a great little restaurant that does take out.  Have a look.  I love this place and everything that goes with it!

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  • I’ve been following your journey, which so closely resembles mine. I’ll be in Senegal next week – please contact me? I would love to visit your site and speak with someone in person. Thanks for all you do, and I can’t wait to meet you all!

    • hello Kim. Sorry I wasn’t in contact earlier I’d love to meet up with you. Can you send a message to lori@sonofafricasociety,com and let me know what works for you

  • Oh! Yes! Yum! LOL…. but then I have eaten cow intestines from a street vendor… just a lady and her kids sitting on the sidewalk with an antiquated bbq set up in a residential area in a remote village in Ecuador catching the neighbors as they come home from work, I guess.

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