He calls me Baby…..


I’ve been in Senegal for almost 4 months now.  Still, every day there is something new, something strange, and sometimes, something familiar. The country and the lifestyle here still grabs my attention and has me craving to find out what is down that long dusty road or behind that weathered door dangerously clinging to the crumbling concrete wall.  So much of my time was spent on building the home, which I am happy to say is almost complete.  I am now finding time again to stroll along the beach line and enjoy the life that goes on there.  I’ve become a real people watcher.  My kids call it stalking  hahah, but its really, it is what I  enjoy most.

There is this little group of boys, maybe ranging in age from 8 to 12 or so.  That are often on the beach going about their business of running, playing, fighting, pulling of some fancy ninja moves, kicking around a soccer ball and just “hanging”.  
I see them, or rather, they see me each time I walk.  My “white” is hard to go unnoticed, and the chance that I might have taggal(wolof for candy) with me, is worth exploring.

We’ve become friends now and each time they make themselves busy gathering little polished stones that have washed up on the beach.  I’ve been collecting them to do a few “artsy” things.  Sweet little guys, and each one of them having such a personality.

This little guy……..he calls me Baby….lol….and I’m not sure exactly how that all came about, but its ridiculously cute!  At first I thought his name was Baby “Baby….Taggal, taggal. Baby….taggal.”  My explanation of my name was in martian to him.  He listened, smiled a grin from ear to ear and with his little sparkling eyes, called out…..”Baby….taggal.”    Too cute!

Yesterday he had caught a crab, which he had “leashed” with a string that he had tied around one of its legs.  I don’t know if the word reluctantly covers it, but he was “walking” the crab along the beach. He wants his picture taken, just like all the boys, and they laugh each time I show them the previews.  The poses get sillier, the smiles bigger and the laughter comes straight from the heart.

















I don’t know what his life is like now, and I don’t know what the future holds for him.  I think about that often for the many babies here.  My hope for him is that those memories never leave him.  When he grows and has to face the challenges ahead, I hope it’s the memories of his time on the beach with his friends that keep him going.


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  • Lori this blog makes me smile a huge heartfelt smile. Love what you are doing

  • How absolutely wonderful, Lori! There is a “new wind” blowing for these young lads! I am excited to hear news of their futures. Who knows what a little hand up for one of these lads will accomplish?

  • I can only imagine the fun your new little friends are having trying to talk with you.
    You write so well, you make me feel like I am there.
    God Bless you on this exciting venture. You have a heart of gold!

    • Thank you

  • May God bless you & keep you safe love dad xxx

    • Thank you. These guys are close to my heart.

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