Tonight I received heartbreaking news from Senegal.  Once again comes news of another death of one of Senegals Talibe boys.  The story was reported in Seneweb, where you can find the french version.  I have also included the translated version available in English.  I cant even imagine the pain, sadness and loneliness that this little boy must have experienced in his last hours.  How tragic.  My heart is broken.  If you think you can help, even in the smallest way, now is the time.  Help to make Son of Africa Society a part of the solution to this tragic ongoing story.  Thank you so much to those that have contributed already.  It is so much appreciated.


Dame Dieng, talibé 12 years old, succumbed to his injuries from beatings inflicted by his Quranic teacher, Samba Ndao. The latter imposed a severe correction from the child causing him several fractures and hemorrhage. The drama took place yesterday in Banda district Diallo Yeumbeul North. Not content with having hurt the child, the Koranic master refrained from the route to the hospital. According to the testimonies of other talibés, the deceased was placed in a corner where he spent a day huddled, writhing in pain. Unable to do more, some talibés have taken their courage in hand and knocked on the door neighbors to inform them of the Dieng Dame de health. They alerted the police Yeumbeul. But before the police arrived, the young talibé was already dead. His body was deposited at the morgue of the Aristide Le Dantec hospital where an autopsy will be performed on the instructions of the Public Prosecutor

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  • Unspeakably heart-wrenching, Lori. Unimaginable. I feel hopeless and helpless…..

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