I am the Egg Man……

Funny little day today.  The plan for a productive day didn’t really work out as planned.  The crack of dawn turned into the crack of 3 pm and then a late afternoon phone call completely derailed any attempt for accomplishing what was on the list today.  But like so many times here in Africa, plans change and the day goes on in a different direction, leaving tomorrow for another attempt.

The phone call required that we go into Dakar.  A couple days ago, the car dash controls stopped working, easily fixable with a little fuse that we would pick up next time we went out.  But today, the urgency to get to town left me a little less concerned about any gauges, and surely, if the speedometer, battery and engine temperature were registering 0, but the gas gauge was showing ¼ tank, we would be fine.  Lol   Here is where the problem started.

I was flying down the big route (toll highway) when the car started lagging and then came to a halt.  Yep….out of gas….wait…….out of Diesel.  The thought of my Dad telling me never to run out of diesel rang loud.  Yes, there I was on the 110km/hr route, sitting on the shoulder (which I was happy for because many times there is no shoulder to stop on) at a dead standstill  I’m never sure how I would handle some situations here by myself, not speaking the language or knowing all the rules (or the lack of them)  Once again, Argo to the rescue who manages to flag down one truck and ask for assistance.

For 50 some years, I have wondered who the Eggman was. (Kookoo kachoo) Well, today I met him.   He was the man who backed up to the car with a truck box full of eggs ……FULL OF EGGS!,  and tied my car to his truck with nothing more than a heavy piece of twine.  Off we went down the route, through the toll booth, inching along so the gate didn’t come down on his truck box (and his eggs), or on my hood.  I giggled a little when the toll booth attendant knew exactly how this was going to work, obviously having done it several times in the past.   I don’t have a picture to show you, so you just have to visualize the white chick, white-knuckled, cruising down the route tied to a truck full off eggs.  Yes people, that was me!  I tell you, I am not lacking on getting to experience everything here.  So thankful for friends here that come to the rescue, with a smile, and a greeting, “Welcome to Senegal!”  Preparing for tomorrow, with ¼ tank of gas registering on my full tank..lol   Hang tight, this could be interesting!

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  • Still laughing after our phone call

  • I can see it in my head and am laughing hysterically!! Too funny.

  • Oh Lori that is priceless, I’m glad you clarified who the eggman was, I too have been wondering for years. Anyways, I’m just glad you made it safe and sound to your destination.

  • Well – didn’t your day make me chuckle – of course outrageously – a great visual, better than a picture Lor!

  • Lol… way funny, White Chick!

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