Lac Rose

We made a trip out to Lac Rose yesterday.  I had just been talking to Argo about how I had seena picture on the internet of Lac Rose and that I thought it must have been photoshopped, but upon seeing the Lake I noticed how much more pink it was than any other time Inhad been there.  It’s a destination for many visitors to the Dakar area, and the workers there are quick to spot a vehicle pulling in and offer their tour of the area or sell their treasures  as a keep sake of Lac Rose.  The little girls quickly came to the car to see if there was a chance that we had candy or gifts for them.  I’m thinking I should start carrying little tooth brushes to go along with their treats.

The salt mining that goes on at Lac Rose is quite interesting to watch.  Small wooden boats are pushed along with long sticks, and modified shovels then scoop the salt from the bottom of the lake.  The boats return to shore and the salt is loaded into large plastic buckets and carried off to the salt piles by the women workers.    The salt then dries in large mounds on the ground until it is packaged in sacks and loaded onto trucks that carry it away.  I’m not sure what happens after that, if it goes to a processing plant or not but some things are better off to not think about too much.  It was a great day!  As usual,my highlight was the little girl and her baby sister that followed me around and eventually took my hand as I was walking back to the car.  How sweet these little African children are.



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