Moving day

Moving in day was quite an experience.  A couple of events led to a whole afternoon of making sure that the home and land was safe to move to.  In the morning, I slipped on the ramp when I took my first walk into the home and cut my foot a bit.  I didn’t think it was that big of a deal, but when put together with the fact that the security guard also cut his foot quite bad in the early morning, it became quite a concern.  My little friend came by to visit and Argo asked her to gather some friend together and come back to the home.  A meal of porridge and yogurt-like sauce was prepared for them, as well as the workers at the home.  Each person washed their eating hand in a bucket of water before and after the meal and the water was them sprinkled around the home and at the entrance to the property.  It really is amazing to see and experience all the African traditions and beliefs here.  There were more things, and I’ll blog about them at a later time when I am not sitting in my car at night under the internet tower… this placeDSC00411-(2)

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  • Moving days can sometimes be rough but oh so worth it in the end! What a beautiful picture of all those amazing smiles. Such an inspiration to us all. <3
    Lor and Argo you are both such beautiful people.

  • Congratulations 🙂 What an exciting day for everyone! L. xo

  • congratulations on moving in!! How very exciting!!

  • Congratulations! What you have done is amazing.

  • I LOVE your little work crew! Congratulations, dear sweet lady!!!

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