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Volunteer tourism and Help stays….


Son of Africa will soon be opening its doors to Volunteer Tourism and Help Stays. ¬†Through this program, we invite volunteer travelers to join us at Son of Africa where you will work among the boys, in the project and, sometimes, in the local community. ¬†Volunteering provides tourists with the opportunity to live and work among people from societies and cultures very different to their own. ¬†Our volunteers have the opportunity to increase cultural understanding, social awareness and sense of global responsibility. ¬†The African traditions and cultures are something to experience, all with the backing and support of “locals” who can help you understand and guide you in the “African” way. ¬†For you as a volunteer, you will take your¬†experiences home with you, and have a much better understanding of real Africa, experience “Terenga”, and know you have helped to support Son of Africa with your work and talents. ¬†For Son of Africa, we get to¬†connect with our volunteers from all over world, experience with them the beauty and hardships of Senegal, work to better our project and share the life here in Senegal. ¬†We offer many additional tours and excursions which you may¬†book along with your volunteer time. ¬†Son of Africa Volunteer Tourism applications are available online by clicking: Volunteer Tourism Application. ¬†We encourage you to visit our Volunteer tourism page to find answers to many of the questions you may have as well as contact information. ¬†We hope that you will find this experience life changing and rewarding in ways you will always remember.


volunteer tourism provides host organisations/projects with a voice; a means of spreading their message and inspiring long-term social movement and activism

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