Operation Christmas Child in Senegal


A few weeks ago , I traveled to Calgary to meet with Rick Lamothe, Regional Director of Operation Christmas Child at Samaritians Purse.
What an incredible operation they have going on. ¬†I was given a tour of the facility and was explained the process of getting, checking, packing, shipping and an overview of what then happens once the shoe boxes reach their destination. ¬†It really is an amazing process that offers so much more to the recipients of the shoe boxes. ¬†I have to say that when the door swung open to the processing workshop it felt like I had been dropped into Santas workshop. ¬†¬†Groups of volunteers set up at the many stations with a flurry of activities going on all while Christmas music played in the background. ¬†Many stations were set up with volunteers carefully checking each shoe box for content, taking out what was not allowed to go¬†and replacing them with suitable items. ¬†Forklifts transported boxes filled with shoe boxes donated from many locations that had arrived at the facility and needed to be checked while other forklifts carried away shoe boxes that had been checked and readied for their journey into the hands of some special child. ¬†Trucks with full freight containers were being loaded at several overhead doors and the special message of the Christmas story accompanied each load. ¬†It really is an incredible gift to many children. ¬†If you get a chance to volunteer and be a part of Operation Christmas Child, I’m sure you will find it very rewarding. ¬†The meeting I had with Rick Lamothe was a wonderful experience. ¬†Operation Christmas Child has a large organization in Senegal and I was fortunate that Rick made the contact between myself and Maxime Kouda in Senegal who is the head of the project there. ¬†I feel blessed to be able to meet with him once I return to Senegal and hopefully be involved with Samaritans Purse in Senegal. ¬†Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and the best in 2015!

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  • We think we struggle… we think we lack…. we see our lives as difficult…. until we raise our eyes beyond the borders of our lives and households and get a glimpse of a truly needy child, family, people. I add my prayers, with the prayers of throngs of others…”God bless Africa, and see the hardships and the hearts, souls, and spirits of the people of Africa. I pray, God, move your great hand of grace and mercy to pour out Hope to the Children of Africa.”

  • well said Korie! Thank you

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