Medical care and medicines and vitamins are essential for our boys that have been living on the streets.  They often come with varying degrees of medical needs.  Your donation will allow for them to have a medical check up and receive care for their ailments.  It provides a healthy start to a new life.

Many of the boys at Son of Africa have lived the “street Life” for some time.  Often they are malnourished, unhealthy, and arrive with skin diseases and wounds that have not been cared for properly.  Traditional African medicines are still very much a part of life but they also have an expense to them  Your donation of Medicine will allow for the boys to have a medical check-up, provide medication, vitamins and health care for the boys, a much needed service to start them off on the right foot toward a healthy lifestyle. (Medication fund $30)  Click here to see details about your donation during the construction phase.