• $35.00

    Animal Chow

    In order to raise healthy animals, we need to have proper feed to care for them.  Your donation of animal feed to help with the cost of raising the animals as well as provide a learning opportunity in buying feed at the markets and the responsibility of fe ...
  • $150.00

    Baaaaaing Things

    Goats are common in Africa and can withstand the African climate quite well.  They are an excellent source of milk and meat and can also be raised to reproduce 2-3 kids each year.  During certain times of the year, these goats can be sold in market to gene ...
  • $30.00

    Brain Tools

    Each boy arriving to Son Of Africa will be provided with the opportunity of education.  Many of them have had little or no schooling and the opportunity of education is such a welcomed and appreciated gift. Your donation of school supplies provides the nec ...
  • $20.00

    Clucking Things

    Chickens will provide the basis for the education on animal care and responsibility as well as provide a great source of protein through their eggs and meat supply.  Hens can produce up to 200 eggs each year, giving a constant healthy food source for Son o ...
  • $60.00


    In Africa, much of the land consists of sand.  A load of good soil will serve as a generous donation
  • $50.00

    Fishing Gear

    Son of Africa is located in a small village along the Atlantic  ocean on the west coast of Africa.  Fishing is a way of life here and an excellent opportunity to unwind and enjoy the surrounding….and its fun.  The fish can provide much needed protein in me ...
  • $30.00


    Medical care and medicines and vitamins are essential for our boys that have been living on the streets.  They often come with varying degrees of medical needs.  Your donation will allow for them to have a medical check up and receive care for their ailmen ...
  • $25.00

    Hard Stuff

    Cement is the key to building here in Senegal.  Fences, houses, counters… all of concrete.
  • $25.00

    Hopping Things

    Rabbits will be a part of our life skills program offering the opportunity for the boys to learn responsible animal care.  Your gift of 2 rabbits is a gift that keeps giving.  Rabbits can reproduce every 31 days and are easy to raise in a small area.  Thei ...
  • $50.00


    Providing healthy food for our boys at Son of Africa is key to their success.  Our intention is to produce as much of our own healthy vegetable, eggs and meat, but we will also need funds to cover other food items such as rice, fish, juice, milk, fruit and ...
  • $30.00

    Son of Africa Pack

    Once the boys arrive at the home they will be provided with their own pack consisting of: a towel and face cloth, tooth brush and toothpaste, soap, shampoo, cream and clean clothing, pajamas and footwear as well as other misc. items.  They will be taught p ...
  • $25.00

    Stroke Of Genius

    Son Of Africa will offer the boys a chance to explore their creativity.  Drawing and painting, music and crafts can be very therapeutic and an opening into a past that is difficult to talk about.  Through your donation to our arts supplies, the boys can fi ...
  • $10.00

    Water is Life

    Water is Life.  Drinking water here in Senegal still has a way to go before it becomes safe.  Many villages, including the one where Son of Africa is located, use wells as a water supply for washing, cooking and in most cases drinking.  Our drinking water ...
  • $100.00

    $100 Donation

    Your donation of $100 will provide enough money to purchase necessary mattresses, bedding and blankets for one of our boys at Son of Africa.  For many of the boys, it will be the first time they have had a safe, comfortable place to sleep at night.  $100 c ...
  • $50.00

    $50 Donation

    A donation of $50 will give a boost to the Son of Africa project.  $50 in Senegal is enough to provide a visit to the Doctor and get necessary medication for things such as parasites, skin disease and other treatments.  It is also enough to pay for a large ...
  • $25.00

    $25 Donation

    A donation of $25 will fill a propane tank used for cooking and heating.  It will buy clothing and shoes for one of the boys and it will allow 2 boys to go to the local school for one month.  It could also purchase a bag of animal feed and bedding for goat ...