The Climb…..

My time here in Africa is coming to an end and I have to say that this year has been a challenge, more than most years.  A hacked bank account, car problems, water issues, trying to obtain required documents, internet and power outages are just a few of the bigger problems that had me taking a few more steps backward than I was prepared for.  I had to keep reminding myself that there are bigger problems here than my day to day frustrations, although I have to admit I felt defeated more than a few times.

My “stalled time”, however, allowed for some extra work to get done around the home and I found some peace in painting and tiling and constructing more rooms for visitors and volunteers to Son of Africa.  The new apartment right now can be described as rustics with good airflow and a great view of the night sky……  Like I mentioned, it has been one step forward, two steps back so, whether or not we have a roof on before I leave is left up to God.


Early windstorms and the, always possible, destruction by termite had us working to redo projects from last year.  Sort of the story of the big bad wolf and the three little piglets; “We’ll build it out of concrete.”  And so we did.  This little structure serves as one of the the learning areas at Son of Africa.  Three double seat swings are being placed under the structure.  Since many of the boys will not have had any formal schooling, sitting them down in a structured “individual” setting didn’t seem like the right approach.



Add a bit of tile, some paint and a garden space at the end, and we are ready for action…..almost.  We planted 47 starter plants for a hedge around the grassed play area and watched them survive the elements for a couple


days until the goats came up from the beach and feasted on them, of course!  Time for a fence…..  Luckily our makeshift fishing net fence kept the goats out long enough for the plants to recover so they could be munched down to the stems for a second time only a few days later.  Fence #2!




Like I mentioned, I had a little more free time than I expected so I went to work painting the inside which now has 6 beds, a small sitting area and a bathroom with toilet and shower.




So now, when I step back, I see some work done, more that has to be finished….always more.  We’re not where we thought we would be by this time, but I’m thankful for all that has been completed and the amazing people I’ve met along the way.  One power month coming up, then it’s back to Canada until next time.


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