The Sound of Music

Yesterday was a pretty sweet day here.  First of all, Senegal won their game in the Africa Cup 2-1.  You could hear the cheers across the rooftops and from the crowded doorways of the shops that allowed people to view the game.  It was great to see all the excitement that it brought.
We were in the home of Awadi, one of Senegals international musicians.  Check out his video in the Video Gallery (Les Presidents)  He is such a talented man who graciously accepted the request to have his voice added to the Talibe song.  I got to speak with Awadi on the matter of the Talibe.  He had much to offer on the situation here in Senegal and I appreciated his insight.  The song that is being produced will eventually be on the website.  Many artists have a part, including Gora.  The song will also have a video clip, but I can’t wait to share a small part of the song and clip for you,… so here it is.  Many thanks to Awadi and his crew for taking the time to help with getting the message out there.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

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