Things I Have Never Said in Africa..

I’ve been sorting through my photos on my computer, yes…..22,000 of them, not all from Africa but there are many from there.  I thought I’d share a few pictures with you that made me shake my head and laugh.  Missing that place today as I sit here staring out the window at the dull dreary day while waiting for my boiler to kick in and bring some warmth inside.  Here is a list of a few things I’ve never said (so far) in Africa.  Hope you enjoy these!


1. That looks safe…. I’m always amazed at the sight of the people busses as they are traveling down the route.  I’ve seen everything you can imagine towering and tightly netted in for the journey.  I’m not sure what happens when overpasses become a part of life here..hmmm
2.  No Thanks, I won’t need that…If someone offers you peppermint,(or a cloth, bag, or gasmask) seriously, take it!!  Toured the leather factory…HOLALAAAYYY….needed that peppermint to mask the smell…but don’t miss the tour if you have a chance!

3.  Anyone know where I could buy some African jewelry? Part of visiting or living in Senegal is buying from the beach vendors, or the street vendors, or random people coming to your car window. Here’s a little early so you can show you have purchased already.  It’s likely that your purchase is buying their dinner or some other necessity.   Yes family, guess what you are all getting for Christmas…..again 🙂

4.  Not another night concert!   I don’t think you will ever hear me say this.  I can never wait for the next concert, whether it is in the Grand Theatre, the little night club, or at an outdoor stage set up in an alley or open area.  They are all amazing and 5am comes all to fast.

5.  I’ll take 2 kilos please…..
OK, so that hasn’t happened yet.  I’m pretty leery about buying beef from the markets or side road vendors.  I’m having a hard time convincing myself that meat left out in 45 degree weather for the day is somehow safe food practice.  Instead I am buying from a “Canadian-style” grocery store, paying about double for meat that I have convinced myself was grown, butchered and prepared Alberta beef style….in Africa.  I suppose ignorance is bliss and sometimes not knowing is peace of mind 🙂

Every year I seem to get a bit more brave (or carefree) about living in Africa and trying new things, and still continue to shake my head or chuckle sometimes about how different life can be.  The food has been my biggest challenge; adapting to the different meats and preparations of them.  I think it has been a bit the same for my African friends. I was so amazed by how excited they were to try grilled cheese sandwiches and pancakes! Still, I wouldn’t trade a second of my time here in this amazing country and am looking forward to my next visit.  See you soon with some more of, Things I have never said in Africa.

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  • I am looking forward to all of your posts Lori. A great way to start my day with a cup of good Kicking Horse coffee and a view of the lake. A litTle envious of your adventures though! Thank you.

    • Thanks for your interest Sandi! I’m heading back over soon and getting things moving again. Todays weather makes me wish it was happening sooner 🙁 Sure hope my internet connection is going to be a bit better this time around. Looking forward to another adventure.

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