Son of Africa provides a safe, organized affordable option for Volunteering in Africa. If you are looking for a project where you can provide hands on volunteering for a great cause, then you have found the place. Whether you are travelling, taking a gap year, or just looking to make a difference in the lives of other, there is a place for you at Son of Africa

Location: Son of Africa is located on the cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean near the small village of Toubab Dialaw. It is located approximately 1 hour southeast of Dakar. With the opening of the new airport scheduled in june 2015, Son of Africa will be located only 15 minutes away from the new Blaise diagne airport. The Village is a collection of artisans, fishermen, musicians and locals giving it an authentic, laid back African feel. Gorgeous beaches await, and small shops offering Africa crafts, authentic African food and jewelry. A short stroll along the beach leads to the village where you can experience the real Africa.

Duration: Volunteer position at Son of Africa range from 1 week to 4 months, although longer periods can be arranged.

Volunteer Requirements: All volunteers must be 18 years or older to volunteer, have adequate health insurance and provide a criminal background check prior to arrival at Son of Africa. English, French and Wolof are spoken at Son of Africa, so in order to make the most of your experience, some understanding of any of these languages is required.

Your volunteer experience at Son of Africa can take on many forms. Building, gardening, animal care, childcare, coaching soccer, teaching and helping with school work, crafts and helping with day to day duties at Son of Africa can all be part of your day. Each day is scheduled and will usually begin at 8am. You will be working at the home, or on treks out in the village or surrounding communities. There will be spare time for you to explore and enjoy time on your own, as well as guided outings to various site-seeing locations and events. These outings will be offered for an additional fee to cover the costs (see our TOURS) Drumming lessons can be arranged with local musicians

Volunteer Guide: A complete online guide will be forwarded upon completion of registration and payment. This guide will provide you with information on what to bring, traditions and customs, safety while in Africa, expectations of our volunteers, highlights of Senegal, food, important numbers and airport pick up instructions

Getting Here: Air travel to and from Son of Africa is not included in your fees. Senegal is a country of busy streets and routes. You may arrive at Son of Africa on your own, however, as part of your fee, airport pick-up is available and recommended and a safe way to arrive. We will be happy to greet you at the airport and transfer you and your luggage back to Son of Africa. Departure will be the same to ensure you are delivered safely back for your trip home.

Medication: It’s a good idea to check with a travel specialist on what shots are suggested or required when coming to Africa. Although Malaria is not an extreme risk, it might be a good idea to be on malaria pills as well. Dengue Fever exists here so making sure you have insect repellant high in deet is required. Other medications are available in Senegal, but expensive and lower quality so things like Tylenol, Pepto Bismol, diarrhea relief and sunscreens are suggested items. You will find a complete list in the volunteer guidebook upon completion of your registration

Foods: Food in Africa is tasty and consists almost always of a rice dish of beef, chicken, or fish as well as various vegetables. Fruits are available and bakeries common in the bigger centers. If you require a special diet, it should be discussed at time of registration as some foods are not available.

Accommodations: Our volunteers will be staying right at the Son of Africa project. Rooms are shared accommodations, however, depending on the number of volunteers at the time, you may have a room to yourself. There is running water, modern bathroom facilities and safe drinking water. All bedding and towels are provided and laundry is available onsite. The grounds are surrounded by a high wall with a security guard for protection and access to the property. Visitors will not be allowed on the property or in the rooms at any time.