A Walk on the Beach….

Just another day…

Yesterday was a pretty neat day….. It was Friday… the holy day for Muslim, and since I am not, I ventured out on my own and took a trip out of the city to the villages south of Dakar. 38 degrees, but with a nice ocean breeze. (Yes, I am looking more “African” today) Walked along the beach for 4 hours with Chez, a Baye Falle, (a brotherhood of Rastafarian that believe there is a special sense of unity without boundary and an acceptance for everything to exists in its own right defying the need or possibility of labeling or defining…and they smoke a lot of ganga) ☺ walked along the beach through the fishing village where there was an endless supply of sweet beautiful African children playing in and around the water. The sight of this toubab walking there sent them running and shouting eager to shake hands and walk along with me. (felt a bit like a celebrity!) What beautiful smiles and spirits and I couldn’t help think of how, when life changes for them, they will remember their childhood days, because life is changing here. We talked about the government here, often the topic of conversation and life for me back in Canada. Saw a young boy floating on a raft he had made by filling a rice sack with empty water bottles….imaginative! …and a huge African boat come into shore that had been at sea for 3 months bringing supplies from neighboring countries. I asked about the young children playing in the water..(the lifeguard in me ) and the answer was “sometimes”…I asked about the snakes….the answer was “sometimes”…..and when I asked about the life here…..the answer was “yes…it is good” and I was welcome to be here in Senegal to experience the life. I love this place (spoken safely from my opportunities back home that have allowed me to have a backup plan) …..with all the hardships and lack of conveniences….life is hard…..and simple. I think I’ll stay awhile

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