Who’ll Stop the Rain?…

The long awaited rains have finally arrived in Senegal.  The changes in the area are incredible with new, fresh green life sprouting everywhere you look.
It’s beautiful and a sight I haven’t seen anytime I have been there. Unfortunately, the rains have also caused some pretty serious erosion in the area and flooding in the nearby streams.  It’s like that here sometimes.  Not enough rain, and then, when it does arrive, it’s too much for the landscape to handle and the hardships begin
A few time on my last visit to Senegal, I thought the rain was coming, only to stir up a few chuckles with the promise that “it wasn’t coming today.” I wondered how things would go at Son of Africa when they did come.  We were fortunate that the water didn’t run back toward the house as we originally thought it might since we weren’t able to finish the landscaping before rainy season.  Argo has kept busy sweeping water from the rooftop, leveling the dips in the roof and rerouting water.  I’m pretty thankful to him for all his time and effort.

I’m looking forward to getting back to Senegal and working to finish up projects and start new ones.  Time passes by quickly……and slowly.

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