Packing up..

Time is moving so quickly now.  I have been packing for my return to Senegal West Africa, looking over what I have, what I need, and what will fit into my luggage.  It always comes down to the last weigh in on the scale that the final decisions are made and the last items are Read More

Progress on Son of Africa..

Thanks to all that have come to check out Son of Africa.  As we are in the construction phase, certain donations of essentials and living/breathing will not be purchased instantly but the funds will be held and used for that purpose once we are ready.  Cash donations are always welcome for other expenses that are Read More

For everything there is a season….

I was there the night the news came, in a crowd of many exuberant Africans enjoying the Hip hop concert at the International Fair in Dakar. Many were dancing, clapping, singing, cheering….truly taking it all in. I watched as a man came onstage and whispered a message into the ear of the performer. A brief discussion, and then Read More