Fast Food

Son of Africa is located outside of the city in a small African Village.  There are definitely good and not so good, or should I say not so convenient, things about living away from all the busyness  of the city.  I’m finding out that planning is crucial, especially for one that has not yet become accustomed Read More

Lac Rose

We made a trip out to Lac Rose yesterday.  I had just been talking to Argo about how I had seena picture on the internet of Lac Rose and that I thought it must have been photoshopped, but upon seeing the Lake I noticed how much more pink it was than any other time Inhad Read More

A little view from my window……

Internet connection has been a challenge to say the least.  I’ve been limited to working from a restaurant in Dakar when we go in, or from the car late at night under the internet tower in the village down the road.  Last night we were waiting for the big boxing match.  4am would be the Read More

He calls me Baby…..

  I’ve been in Senegal for almost 4 months now.  Still, every day there is something new, something strange, and sometimes, something familiar. The country and the lifestyle here still grabs my attention and has me craving to find out what is down that long dusty road or behind that weathered door dangerously clinging to the Read More